A Christmas Delivery to Akron Children's Hospital

Posted on 12/21/2022

PART THREE: Delivery Day at Akron Children's Hospital. This delivery included 1,249 items from Wal-Mart, 305 stuffed animals from Keillor's A Teddy Bear Shoppe - Canal Fulton, Ohio from the Bear Drive and bulk-sourced items directly from manufacturer PlayMonster Fun, local vendor Sir Troy's Toy Kingdom, local vendor The Captivating Closet. Also included were various items collected from ten Starbucks across district 1985 Akron East. All in all, we sent 3,715 items to the hospital's doors.

The ACH child life specialists will choose items catered to each child's interests and wrap them in time for Santa to hand-deliver them for Christmas. It is our privilege to be able to do this year-round for organizations across Northeast Ohio. Thank you for your continued support which makes all of this possible!