Bear Drive 2022 Update

Posted on 11/27/2022

As of this past Saturday, we have brought in $565 in donations through in person, paypal, and facebook. Our special group of helpers selected 37 furry friends that made their way into the box to 100% utilize the funds donated so far.

As of today, 11/27/22, we have received an additional $1,200 in donations that will be added to the box next saturday. That brings the donation total up to $1,765. With our match, we are actually at - $3,530 - in stuffed furries on track to find their way to Akron Children's Hospital this holiday season.

There is still time to get involved with us in the BEAR DRIVE! The box remains at Keillor's A Teddy Bear Shoppe through December 9th, 2022. We continue to accept donations until the box leaves the store.

For more information, visit THANK YOU for choosing to help make a difference with us this holiday!